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Results are what you expect when you hire an attorney. Results are a complete or partial victory, results are your freedom, family, money, or whatever justice dictates. We get results for our clients. Our verdicts, settlements and victories on behalf of our clients are not mere unsubstantiated words but proven facts. We get results because we work tirelessly, investigate thoroughly and we research extensively. We meet with our clients until we know your case inside and out. We get results because we are experienced, we are well known in the legal community and we know how to get your case successfully resolved.

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Few attorneys can claim to have the experience and record of success that we have achieved over the years. Our team has tried thousands of cases, hundreds of jury trials, and have worked to get our clients the best possible outcomes. 

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Gregory J. Pagano

Gregory J. Pagano


Gregory J. Pagano was born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated from law...

Sarah A. Jones,

Sarah A. Jones,


Sarah A. Jones is an associate at the Law Office of Gregory J. Pagano. She...

George V. Troilo,

George V. Troilo,


George V. Troilo, Esquire was born and spent part of his youth in South...

Henry M. George,

Henry M. George,


Henry M. George is an associate at the Law Office of Gregory J. Pagano. He was...

Case Results

Capable with proven track record
  • November 2022: TRIAL – NOT GUILTY MURDER  – Defendant found guilty of misdemeanor simple assault after trial – defendant was merely present when victim was shot and killed and there was not a conspiracy between the defendant and the shooter.
  • Novemeber 2022: CASE DISMISSED – RULE 600 MOTION GRANTED – Aggravated Assault, Criminal Conspiracy, Official Oppression, and related charges dismissed against prison guard for assaulting an inmate – Commonwealth violated the defendant’s right to a prompt trial in Pennsylvania by failing to act with due diligence in prosecuting the case under Rule 600.
  • October 2022: MOTION TO SUPPRESS GRANTED – Firearm recovered from vehicle during vehicle frisk for police officer safety pursuant to Com. v. Cartagena
  • September 2022: MOTION TO SUPPRESS GRANTED – Firearm recovered from vehicle without search warrant or probable cause and exigent circumstances 
  • September 2022 – TRIAL – NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES – Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act, Section 6105, Felony of the first degree and related charges – gun found by police during traffic stop secreted behind a control panel – circumstantial evidence of constructive possession was not sufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • September 2022: CASE DISMISSED – Defendant charged in a driveby shooting – all charges dismissed after a preliminary hearing because the evidence was insufficient to prove that the Defendant was a co-conspirator to the shooting


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Capable with proven track record

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