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Nearly 3 million people suffer injuries from auto accidents each year. Motor vehicle accident attorneys have repeatedly represented victims of automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents – and such collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians. Accidents can be caused by many different factors, such as:

  • Improper, careless and reckless driving behavior
  • Alcohol related accidents
  • Vehicle defects due to either design or maintenance
  • Poorly designed, constructed or maintained roadways

You may be entitled to compensation for a motor vehicle accident. Other car drivers, commercial truck drivers and their employers, car and parts manufacturers, establishments that sell liquor and state and local governments that design and maintain roadways may all be liable. We work tenaciously to help you get all the compensation to which you may be entitled – including compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical costs, lost income and future earnings.

When car accidents happen, the results can be disastrous – often fatal. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident you deserve to be compensated for your losses.
Car accidents occur for many reasons: speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving (including cell phone or radio use) and, of course, drunk driving. Regardless of how these crashes occur, millions of accidents result in injuries and fatalities.

Injuries vary depending on the type of accident. Neck and spine injuries, traumatic brain injury including concussion, broken bones and fractures, internal injuries, cuts and lacerations, and severe emotional distress are only some of the many types of injuries sustained in the following most common types of car accidents:

  • Head-on Collisions
  • Rear-end Collisions
  • Side Collisions
  • Accident with a motorcycle, tractor trailer, truck or bus
  • Crashes at intersections
  • Accidents caused by lane changes
  • Collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists


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I hired Hank to help me after I suffered an accident. He was professional, thorough, and always attentive to my questions and concerns. He obtained the best possible settlement very quickly, far more than I would have obtained representing myself. I had a great experience working with Hank and would recommend him to anyone needing an effective attorney.  – July 13, 2019

Professional and attentive

I recently had an accident and hired Mr. George. He was able to get me 20 times more than the initial settlement offer. Mr. George was always available when I needed to speak to him and he kept me updated. My case was settled in a very timely manner and I was impressed by Mr. George’s attention to my needs and his professionalism. I felt like he really cared about my needs and getting the results that would benefit me the most . – January 4, 2019

All auto crashes are as different as the people who get hurt and the types of injuries they suffer. We will fight tirelessly to make sure you and your family get the financial damages you deserve. We are committed and we get results.

TRUCK ACCIDENTS: After we review the facts of your case with you, we will begin an in-depth investigation into the cause of your truck accident. Was the truck driver meeting all the regulatory requirements to maintain a CDL? Was it a matter of carelessness or inattention on the part of the truck driver? Was he sleep-deprived or under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, over the counter medications, or illegal substances? Was the semi tractor trailer itself properly maintained? Was the trucking company in full compliance with all safety regulations? Were the tires properly inflated and the brakes in optimal working order? Had proper pre-trips been performed and logged? How frequently was the engine checked and the parts serviced?
Finding the answers to such questions can be a challenge, but our experienced truck accident injury lawyers are familiar with the many variables, regulations, and potentially liable parties that create such a maze after a truck wreck. We will identify all responsible parties, and fight to maximize your compensation. We are committed to getting you results.

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS: For motorcycle riders, the highways and backroads throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey represent freedom. Getting from here to there on your bike – whether commuting to work, doing errands or simply taking in the scenery is a feeling second to none. If you agree, you’re in good company with more than eight million other bikers in the United States.
However, when your ride is cut short due to another driver’s negligence, injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be life-altering, even fatal.

CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENTS: The construction industry employs about 8 percent of U.S. workers but has 22 percent of the fatalities—the largest number for any of the industry sectors. Each year thousands of American men and women are seriously injured in construction accidents. The injuries suffered by these hardworking people, such as paralysis or loss of limbs, cause workers to incur numerous hospital bills, doctors’ visits, surgeries and bills for medication. Many accidents are life-altering, leaving a victim unable to work or provide for loved ones. In a worst-case scenario there may also be a wrongful death.
Often there are multiple defendants (the property owner, the general contractor, various subcontractors, the developer, investors, lessors/lessees of the property, and the designers, including the engineers, architects and manufacturers), multiple insurance companies and multiple defense attorneys involved. Sometimes the owner, developer and general contractor are large and wealthy companies with sophisticated legal teams and insurance companies dedicated to avoiding liability. That is why it’s important to have an experienced construction accident lawyer on your side who can act quickly to make sure that your accident claim is reported correctly and that important evidence is preserved. If the accident is not reported appropriately, the accident site or equipment involved may not be properly preserved for investigation. If the important evidence is not preserved, you may be prevented from proving your construction accident claim.

DOG BITES: The owners of dogs are responsible for the safety of other people who come in contact with their pets. There is no such thing as “one free bite” for dogs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Dog owners and others who handle dogs are responsible at all times for protecting others from being attacked by their animals. We have represented persons injured by dogs and we understand that many dog bites are not minor injuries. We know that they can lead to serious, disfiguring injury, permanent scars, multiple infections and emotional trauma.
Dog bites are always a possibility, wherever dogs of any breed interact with people or occupy the same territories. Even seemingly benign pets can surprise their owners by suddenly deciding to snap—and dogs who have never bitten before could end up mauling a child.
We urge you to discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney who can explain your legal options. Your homeowners’ insurance may compensate you for injuries caused by your own pets—you have paid for this protection. Likewise, friends and relatives may truly want you to make a claim against their homeowners insurance so you can get the help you need.
There is no reason for you to endure the trauma and pay for the expensive medical treatment (such as rabies shots, reconstructive surgery for facial scarring or disfigurement, or therapy post-traumatic stress disorder) after dog bite accident injury alone. The animal owner or handler responsible for your injuries should compensate you.

PREMISES LIABILITY: When a property owner is negligent in maintaining his or her premises – a home or apartment building, a parking lot or garage, a shopping center or mall, a supermarket or pharmacy, etc. – and someone gets hurt, the injuries can be severe. You may not be able to return to work. Your quality of life may be considerably reduced because you are unable to participate in the activities you love. And you may be in terrible pain and forced to endure ongoing medical treatments for your injuries.

Common Premises Liability Accidents include: Trip or Slip & Falls are incredibly common. These accidents can take place at commercial buildings (stores or offices), residences (private homes or rentals), or on public property (parks, streets, or public transportation). Premises can be dangerous for many reasons — faulty design, shoddy construction or building materials, poor maintenance, dangerous clutter, sidewalks in ill repair, inadequate lighting, slippery wet floors, uncleared ice and snow on walkways and parking lots, debris-strewn pathways, lack of a handrail on stairs, second stories or platforms, inadequate warning of a hazard and unsafe playground equipment. Dangerous premises can lead to slipping, falling, tripping, or having something hit you or fall on you.

Items Falling on You: In stores, especially in supermarkets and big-box stores where merchandise is often stacked high and precariously on shelves, items can fall on top of clients and cause serious head, neck and spinal injuries.


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