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  • Sarah A. Jones, Esq. offers support for parents in need of representation to obtain custody of their child or children. My legal representation can begin with divorce and carry though to developing a custody schedule.
  • Depending on your family’s individual situation, reaching a custody agreement may or may not require appearing before a judge. If a court hearing is necessary, I will advocate for your custody or visitation rights. I can also assist in developing a custody arrangement whereas you and the other parent would avoid court.
    There are two different kinds of custody:

    1. Physical custody refers to a parent’s physical possession and control of a child
    2. Legal custody refers to decisions surrounding medical, religious and education decisions involving the child.
  • Sarah A. Jones, Esq. handles various custody-related matters, including but not limited to:
    1. Grandparents’ rights: Certain situations call for a grandparent to step in and obtain custody of a child. I regularly represent grandparents in custody court.
    2. Paternity: The paternity of the child may be at issue. Whether you are a father facing a paternity test or a mother seeking a paternity test, Sarah A. Jones, Esq. can provide representation.
    3. Fathers’ rights: The law calls for both parents to be treated equally. There is often a misconception that mothers take precedence over fathers. Sarah A. Jones, Esq. has fought for numerous fathers’ custody rights.
    4. Parental relocation: In certain situations a parent needs to move out of state and often times seeks to take the child with them. Sarah A. Jones, Esq. represents parents seeking to move away and also parents who seek to prevent the other parent from taking their child away to a new location.
    5. Contempt: If you are being denied visitation with your child, Sarah A. Jones, Esq. can help enforce your custody agreement by way of a contempt petition.

Hired Sarah for a child custody case. Sarah was responsive, supportive and well informed. She walked me through each step of the process with patience and insight. We were able to accomplish our goals. I would 100% recommend Sarah to anyone!


Excellent choice I made by hiring her for my case. I felt extremely confident and relaxed going forward with the case well respected always on time. Everything you would expect from an extremely professional lawyer.



  • In Pennsylvania, divorce is divided into two categories: “fault” and “no fault.” A divorce on fault grounds requires that the plaintiff prove that he or she is the innocent and injured spouse and that the other spouse is guilty of one of six categories of marital misconduct: adultery, desertion, cruel and barbarous treatment, bigamy, imprisonment for a crime, and indignities. A divorce based on no-fault grounds must assert that the marriage is irretrievably broken.
  • Divorces can be very complicated and it is important to obtain experienced legal advice. Sarah A. Jones, Esq. has multiple years of experience in divorces and will advocate on your behalf during this difficult process.

Sarah handled my divorce case and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Sarah was extremely flexible and worked around my schedule without hesitation. Everything regarding the divorce was thoroughly explained to me and Sarah kept me up to date on all matters. Sarah was able to resolve my divorce quickly and produce a favorable outcome without having to go to court.


Sarah Is an excellent attorney I. have hired her for a prenup ,a divorce, She is an excellent person to deal with she has lifted a lot of worry off my shoulders always I’ve gotten what I wanted and got my piece of mine back Always responded when I needed her I would recommend her highly to anyone .She is a fair attorney and tells you everything she knows.


Sarah’s patience and generosity with her time made, what could have been a very trying time in my life, much less stressful. She was thorough. I always felt listened to and she helped me accomplish the tasks I wished to accomplish. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a divorce/custody agreement (and I have…several times!).


Childline (Child Abuse Appeals)

  • The ChildLine child abuse hotline is a program that operates through the Pennsylvania administrative court system. Childline expungement hearings take place before an administrative judge. Unlike in the criminal courts, you are not “innocent until proven guilty.” Instead, ChildLine tends to treat people as if they are automatically guilty. Getting listed on ChildLine can be as simple as having an accusation of physical abuse or even just touching a child. In many cases it is often a matter of “he said, she said.” If you are listed on the Childline abuse hotline you are in danger of being labeled as a child abuser, even if no criminal charges have been filed against you.
  • If you received a letter stating that you have been indicated on ChildLine, you need to take immediate action to protect yourself. If you fail to appeal within the appeal time frame, you will be listed on ChildLine as a sex offender or child abuser.
  • Being listed on Childline can affect various areas of your life, but most importantly it can affect your job and involvement in your childrens’ lives.

I hired Sarah Jones to help out with a pretty scary family issue on a case That could have went incredibly wrong. I was worried and lost before meeting Sarah, but she got everything sorted out and under control after just a couple of meetings and phone calls. She’s absolutely resourceful and great at what she does. Sarah made me feel a lot better about my situation and I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. I’d want to say I’d hire her again but I wouldn’t want to go through the same ordeal ever again or wish that upon anybody but if you ever need a family lawyer, divorce or child custody… Sarah Jones is well qualified!


Protection from Abuse

  • PFA against you
    1. A protection from abuse (PFA) order, limits contact between two people and is an emergency attempt to stop domestic violence. Initially a PFA is temporary, however, it can last up to three years and affects many rights including parental rights, the right to possess a firearm, and the right to reside in your own home. If a PFA order is entered against you, Sarah A. Jones, Esq. can protect your rights.
  • Need PFA
    1. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, you need an attorney to present your case properly in order to obtain all of the protection necessary to keep you and your family safe. Under a Protection from Abuse order you may be afforded the following protections:
      • Removing an abusive domestic partner from your home
      • Gaining temporary custody of your children
      • A court order that prohibits the defendant from coming near your home, workplace or other place you may frequent.

When I needed an attorney I researched for hours and everything kept coming back to Sarah. Excellent reviews is what I went with and I am glad I did cause she didn’t disappoint me at all. She made herself available at all times of the day and any day of the week even weekends. Her kindness and patience in dealing with my situation was exceptional. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for the perfect attorney.



  • As a parent or grandparent, one of the most frightening situations you can face is having your children or grandchildren taken away from you. This may happen due to someone filing a report of child abuse or neglect.
  • Pennsylvania juvenile dependency actions are brought by the Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF) when it is suspected that a child may be the victim of abuse, neglect or is having problems at home. A child may also be removed from his or her parents if it is determined that the parents are unable to provide for the child’s needs physically, emotionally or educationally. This occurs when a child habitually misses school, runs away from home or refuses to listen to a parent’s reasonable directives.
  • Parents have the right to legal counsel at a shelter hearing and an adjudication hearing. Sarah A. Jones, Esq. advocates for parents who risk losing custody of their children in dependency matters. I have extensive experience working with CYF, juvenile law and dependency cases.


  • In Pennsylvania the amount of child support awarded is determined by the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 1910.16. This rule provides the support guidelines for parents in Pennsylvania. The purpose of the support guidelines is to make sure that children of divorced parents would receive the same amount of parental incomes that they would if the parents were together.
  • Changes can be made to child support orders when there is a change in life circumstances. A parent seeking an increase or decrease in their child support obligation must prove that there has been a significant change of circumstances since the time the previous child support order was issued. Changes in income, expenses, and custody are life changes that may qualify changing a child support order.
  • Failing to pay child support can hold serious consequences. Theses consequences could include garnishing wages, seizing a tax refund check, suspension of a parent’s passport, loss of a parent’s driver’s license or even incarceration.

Sarah jones helped me with my child support case. They kept running over me not listening to anything I said, taking more money from me until I hired Sarah. I told her my story and she took it from there and when it was time to go e I won all my cases. Just wanted to say Sarah Jones is no joke, she does a great job and I want to say thank u again Sarah.



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