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Estate and Probate Administration: A well drafted will is the centerpiece of every effective estate plan. Estate administration is a complex, detailed and often confusing process. Estate administration has its own legal and tax requirements along with various filing, notice and election deadlines for probate and orphans court.

Often times, family members, with no legal training, believe that they can handle an estate administration on their own. By not being aware of various legal and tax requirements, this type of self-representation often creates unknown additional problems for the immediate family and later generations. Tax laws and personal circumstances change constantly; therefore, if you are not in this business, mistakes made by “in the know” family members can be extremely costly to the estate and surviving family members.

Our legal, tax and practical experience in estate administration facilitates effective, efficient, responsive and timely estate administration for the family. We can help avoid unnecessary, costly and expensive mistakes and provide peace of mind by utilizing comprehensive and necessary legal advice and tax assistance to families coping with the grief of the loss of a beloved member of the family.

Here are some of the more important services we provide to assist clients in the estate administration and probate process:

  • Will drafting and review
  • Guiding and advising the executor or administrator through the estate process.
  • Minimize the risk of a lawsuit brought by beneficiaries for the mismanagement of an estate, the theft of assets or other grounds for removal of an executor or trustee under Pennsylvania probate law.
  • Preparation of all probate documents including drafting and obtaining letters of administration and letters testamentary.
  • Assist the executor or administrator in the collection and preservation of estate assets whether they are probate or non-probate assets.
  • Make sure all required notices and filings with the register of wills and orphans court are completed as required.
  • Determine the creditors and claimants that have valid claims against the estate and the order of priority of payment.
  • Help ensure that all legal and tax deadlines are met to take advantage of income and estate tax savings and avoidance of interest and penalties.
  • Preparation of fiduciary income tax returns, final income tax returns of the decedent as well as federal estate tax returns and Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Returns.
  • Post-mortem estate and income tax planning to maximize tax savings for both the estate and surviving members of the family.
  • Drafting the filing of the formal estate accounting submission to Orphans Court in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and other outlying counties in Pennsylvania.
  • Drafting of a family settlement agreement and other required forms to complete the administration of the estate.
  • Advice on insurance and asset allocation.
  • Drafting of Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney documents that will not be deemed unenforceable after the fact.


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