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Greg Pagano is the best of the best. He handles your case with the utmost professionalism and treats you like a valued person and client. He even made sure to follow up with my family at 1am to fill them in on the details of my case. He is highly respected and revered in the criminal justice system as well as by his clients. He used all resources necessary to help me win my case and pursued the case to the end. I’ve never seen any other lawyer do what he does both in and out of the courtroom.
– Matthew


We hired Greg to handle a very scary and urgent situation that involved one of our children. Greg engaged immediately. We felt like we knew him and could trust him very quickly. He performed from the start keeping our son away from a very dangerous and scary facility. He was very responsive throughout, always answered questions and you could tell he was “all in” totally vested in the outcome. As our case was not in Philly he was eventually more then willing to team up with local counsel and formed a team that saved our childs future. Greg is passionate, smart and responsive.
– Name Withheld for Privacy


I hired Mr. Pagano for a criminal trial. He was very well prepared for all aspects of my case. His investigation into the facts of of the case went beyond my expectations. I found Gregory Pagano to be a very dedicated and professional lawyer. I would highly recommend Mr. Pagano.
– Perry


Greg has been working on my internet related charges. The nature of what I am being charged with is very complicated. I was afraid I would never be able to explain to an attorney. I am so happy that Greg has taken the time to really understand. So far I am very impressed with Greg and recommend him without any reservations.
– Mike


Greg has handled all of my personal and business affairs with the utmost urgency and professionalism. Greg has been great to work with. Greg has worked with all members of my family and every outcome has been the same a Win!!!!!!!!!! I recommend Greg for any legal matters you may have.
– Daniel


Greg handled my situation professionally and was very caring. He explained everything to me in a way where I understood exactly what I needed to know and was always responsive to my needs. He has a great way about him and so does his staff. The result of my case was positive and I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend him!!
– Edie


My Name is Michael and I was facing 10 to 20 years for a self defense act in the recent past years. I was framed and charged with shooting an innocent by-standard, in which came with 6 more attempt murder chargers and other related charges. I was represented by another attorney before I met with Greg and that council wasn’t effective enough, once I’ve hired Mr. Pagano my trouble began to diminish. The first time I spoke with Greg he told me that I would be in “his” office the next time we spoke. And he kept his word, he had me home on bail, on house arrest within 8 months of being incarcerated. Soon after went on to beating all the charges brought against me besides the gun charges. That day I was carrying an illegal firearm, as for the rest of the charges “NOT GUILTY ” . Greg not only made sure the jury came back with a not guilty verdict, he made sure he executed every need, to me living a normal life once I was released from jail. He is a very well equipped attorney and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for the job. Since I’ve known him he has did everything in his power as to seeing I was cleared of the very serious charges that were bought upon me. I’m glad that God brought Greg into to my life because now I’m able to be a father to my daughter and a chance to being a better man. Instead of being a waste of talent behind bars, a statistic. He is very trustworthy and enjoys what he do, if you are reading this, take it for me being someone that was facing 10 to 20, to now being cleared of all those charges. I’ve been through enough to know who’s who, with that being said hire Gregory J. Pagano if ever in any legal troubles. He is very well respected and will make sure you are represented by best quality attorney. Himself. Gregory J. Pagano
– Michael


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Greg showed great concern for my case. Where in the past, lawyers to me seemed heartless and money hungry… He made feel comfortable and communicated with me on every decision he made. I would recommend Greg Pagano as a attorney for any case because of his understanding, committment, and sincerity to men and women caught up in the justice system.

- Nafis Pinkney