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White Collar Crimes


Fraud, political corruption and what is often referred to as “white collar crime” are often times an alleged series of criminal acts which are part of a single case or investigation or indictment and can form the basis of a RICO (or Corrupt Organizations) indictment.  However, more often each category of alleged criminal activity above, are mutually exclusive.  Fraud cases are very diverse and can include wire fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, medicare fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, etc. 

Political corruption cases can include any fraud offense (typically wire or mail fraud), bribery, theft of services, money laundering, extortion, false statements to FBI or other government agents, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc.  Other offenses that are charged against officials and professionals are often called “white collar” crimes.   These offenses can be fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, tax offenses, securities offenses, or any offense committed in or related to the the workplace, investments, income, licensing, etc.  Investigations of this sort are typically done by the federal government and sometimes the state government (attorney general’s office).

Investigations in these cases is usually long, tedious and exhausting.  In these cases it is vital to consult with an experienced attorney at the inception of the investigation.  It is vital that you do not speak to law enforcement before speaking to an experienced attorney.  Advice and counsel at the early stage of a federal or state investigation can make the difference between being indicted or not; bail or no bail; a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

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